"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of intelligent effort."


- John Ruskin -

We’re a very small team of game developers, actually there’s just two of us. We don’t believe that creating a great adventure requires a huge team, high-end equipment and unlimited financial resources. Instead, we have great motivation, good ideas and our skills. We are working with a ridiculously small budget, but we have managed to get pretty far already.


A homemade studio

If our studio was a cake, it would be grandma's homemade plum pie with slightly burned edges rather than a perfectly shaped frozen gateau from an industrial production line.


We are not a huge studio, but we are an old-school team making adventure games for a tasteful group of gaming gourmets.

Juanjo Barceló

Lead artist & web designer.

Founder of Luminy Studios, designer specializing in web design, corporate identity and graphic design in general. Always thinking about details bordering on obsession.

Andrea Rinaldi

Game designer & Programmer.

Andrea, also known as Andy, has worked for 15 years as computer technician and web programmer before approaching to the video games development in the 2013. He is the developer behind the game A Space Adventure - Remastered Edition, available in Steam.

Special thanks to our contributors

Carlos Viola - Music composer on Bloodwood Reload


Ibai Pérez de Heredia - Game programmer on Bloodwood Reload


Ángel García León - Sound designer on Bloodwood Reload

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